RF Engineer

Asticom Technology Inc.
Specialization: Engineering - Electronics/Communication
Position Level: 1-4 Years Experienced Employee

1. Conduct Technical Site Survey (TSS) and ensure accuracy in obtaining vital RF Details on all options for that

search ring / nomination based on approved Globe-issued guidelines:

1.1 Propose location of RF antennas to meet the intended target coverage objectives; it should be strategic and have

no blocking (i.e. buildings, existing antennas) and shadowing. Obtain coordinates of each proposed location of each

RF antenna and proposed location of BTS equipment.

1.1.1 The option should fall within search ring radius (as defined in search ring form) or extended radius, which may

vary depending on site-to-site distance from existing and upcoming sites.

1.2 Propose antenna strategy based on site requirements (i.e. based from CLP)

1.3 Propose azimuth of each RF antenna to meet the intended target coverage objectives (i.e. based from CLP)

1.4 Propose appropriate ACL (antenna center line) of each RF antenna; it should be achievable and to be validated

with AFE. Consider elevation of location for GF, and building height for RT.

1.5 Take HD pictures: a) panoramic, b) target coverage, c) picture of proposed location of antenna and BTS

equipment, and d) landmarks (i.e. barangay arcs, school, malls)

1.6 Consider the location of the surveyed option with regards to its proximity to location of existing and upcoming

Globe sites

1.7 Obtain signal measurement and serving cell ID (2G/3G/LTE) of the proposed location of each option using


1.8. )Verify the coverage objective in Barangay Level and inform IS if there is necessary callout or descrepancies

2. Accomplish and fill-up SSDS form of each surveyed option

3. Accomplish and fill-up NTP form for each search ring / nomination

3.1 SSDS ranking of each option should be based on the option's capability to meet the intended target coverage


3.2 SSDS ranking of each option should be unique

3.3 Final NTP Ranking of each option to be carefully deliberated by the surveyed team. Any concerns on the option

surveyed should be called to the attention of RgPM Lead immediately.

4. Provide the RgPM team the RF details of all surveyed option

4.1 Softcopy (i.e. picture) of accomplished and filled-up SSDS and NTP forms

4.2 Softcopy of the required pictures taken for each option

4.3 Encode onto the relevant trackers the RF information of each surveyed option

5. TSSR Checking for Expansion

5.1 Validate existing Technologies as captured by vendor from last project as-built document or site survey.

5.2 Evaluate vendor solution proposal based on approved vendor equipment solution with current Globe engineering


5.3 On pages with corrections, mark the area on the page, and describe the correction to be made.

5.4 Identify if the corrections are solution affected (mark the TSSR reject), or minor (mark the TSSR conditionally


5.5 TSSR review is a continuous improvement, recommendation and or identify process that needs to be updated.

6.0 Provide performance analysis and reports and other necessary data related to wireless access engineering

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